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For more than 25 years years now, Mold Masters has been protecting families and businesses from harmful bacteria and viruses carried by pests and transmitted to humans. Our commercial disinfection services have been protecting businesses and public facilities against pests and pest pathogens for decades. With the guidance of our Biochemist and PhD Entomologist who researched and worked for many years with pathogens, we are now also focusing on our biggest threat to human life: viruses transmitted from human to human.

Transmission of a disease-causing virus or a pathogenic bacteria can happen at any moment and are most likely to happen in “high-traffic” situations such as apartment buildings, offices, schools, hotels, restaurants, gyms, elder care facilities, churches, grocery stores, movie theaters, other commercial buildings, and your home.

disinfecting services knoxville, tn

Disinfecting frequently touched surfaces at your home and/or at work is of utmost importance in reducing/eliminating viral disease transmission. Coughing, sneezing, even the simple act of breathing spreads infectious viruses through the air to environmental surfaces where they can remain for an extended period. Disease transmission from contaminated surfaces is well established with human viral pathogens and is believed to be a significant infection route with COVID-19.

The greater the number of pathogenic disease organisms you encounter, the greater the probability that disease will follow is an irrefutable fact. Initial viral insult (viral load), also known as inoculum size, in viral disease is known to influence the course, intensity, and ultimate outcome of the disease.

By greatly reducing/eliminating the presence of harmful pathogens, and the resultant level of viral insult, we can more effectively protect our health and safety. When someone is infected with a pathogen, the viral load becomes greatly important in our ability to fight that pathogen successfully. In simple terms, the higher the exposure (viral load) the worse the infection may be.

For more information on the importance of reducing the initial viral load, see the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine’s studies on COVID-19.

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