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Do You Need Mold Removal in Knoxville?

24-Hour Mold Remediation Emergency Services

Mold Masters has 35+ years of experience serving the East Tennessee community. Locally owned and operated Mold Masters strives to provide the highest customer service. Call us today for all of your mold removal and mold remediation needs.

mold removal company knoxville, tnMold Masters is a mold removal company serving Knoxville TN and the surrounding area that provides a complete range of mold cleaning services to inspect, remove, cleanup, and repair mold to your home or office. Upon arrival, our certified mold specialists will work within our mold remediation company’s mold assessments and protocols.

  • Work Directly with Your Insurance to file your claim
  • Perform Mold Removal, Clean-Up, Dry-Out and Repair
  • Provide Contents Restoration and Storage
  • Complete Water Damage Restoration and Mold Remediation
  • Provide Demolition, Construction & Reconstruction

Professional Mold Inspections in Knoxville TN

Mold may present itself with obvious signs, or it may not. The only way to truly know whether or not there’s toxic mold in your Knoxville home is to get a mold inspection by a trained mold detection professional. You can trust the team at Mold Masters to discover, and eliminate, any harmful mold within your home. We are a Knoxville mold inspection company that can spot mold where other mold damage companies cannot.

The Dangers of Toxic Black Mold

Don’t know if you need black mold removal. Even the tiniest speck of toxic black mold is a cause for concern. But how do you know whether it’s black mold or mildew? Mildew is lighter colored, usually white or gray, and is easily scrubbed away with a household cleaner. It can usually be found in your shower, tub, or toilet. Black mold is much darker and often carries an odor. Do not try to clean it yourself! A mold damage company will be required to remediate it. Visible black mold is often the result of a much larger infestation within the walls, floors, and ceilings of your home. You’ll need to have black mold remediation as quickly as possible once you identify the mold.

The tricky thing is, most of the time, toxic black mold isn’t even visible. It’s often hiding out of sight. That’s why it’s important to look out for the signs of poor air quality in your home. Even if you can’t see mold, you may need a mold inspection and black mold removal in Knoxville TN if:

  • There is a constant musty or smelly odor in your home
  • You’ve recently had a plumbing issue, such as a leak
  • You’ve had an onset of unexplainable health issues

Schedule A Mold Inspection Anytime

mold remediation knoxville, tnBlack mold can cause serious health issues that won’t go away without eliminating the mold. Listen to your instincts; if they tell you something is off, there’s a good chance that’s true. It’s never a bad idea to be proactive, either. You can schedule a mold inspection even if you have no visual of mold or no underlying symptoms, just to get ahead of the curb and ensure none is growing in your home before it’s too late.

Picking the Right Company for Mold Inspection

This is perhaps the most important step of the mold inspection process. Different mold inspectors will use different methods and techniques, but one thing should be certain: they must be qualified, and trained to properly diagnose a mold issue. At Mold Masters, all of our Knoxville mold damage contractors are highly trained and certified in mold cleanup and remediation.

If you’ve previously hired a different mold inspector who didn’t show a proper level of concern about mold in your home, it’s a good idea to get a second opinion. The longer mold lingers, the more time it has to grow. We will thoroughly inspect your home, and get right to work if the black mold is found. Don’t hesitate, call us today!

Knoxville Mold Removal Services

Mold Master’s mold removal contractors follow our methodical and well-planned mold treatment and remediation process to clean up the mold and repair your property to your satisfaction. We are able to handle any mold in Knoxville TN. This includes mold in the house, attic, basement, furniture, carpets, drywall, and upholstery.

Basement & Attic Mold Damage Cleanup

Whether you have basement mold damage or have found attic mold damage, these areas of your Knoxville home are easily susceptible to mold and should be handled by a professional only. Mold in basements and attics are easily formed because of the dark, humid nature these areas tend to be. Basement mold removal could be needed because of a flood that happened or leaks that worked their way through your walls. Attic mold cleanup is often needed because of leaks caused by the wear and tear of rain over the course of time. Mold thrives in damp areas, so all it takes is a little bit of water to get mold started. If you need attic or basement mold cleanup in Knoxville TN, Mold Masters has the skills and equipment to quickly find the source and handle any basement or attic mold removal you may need.

The Mold Removal Process

mold inspections knoxville, tnWe serve Knoxville TN and are licensed by the State of Tennessee. We follow these steps to properly cleanup and remove mold according to state laws.

• Examine Mold Damage – We use advanced moisture-meter equipment to measure moisture in your floors, walls, ceilings, and cabinets. We then use infrared cameras to identify the origin and the extent of the damage.

• Extract, Remove, and Dry Water Immediately – Our mold removal professionals use commercial-grade dehumidifiers and water removal and extraction equipment to dry out your floors, carpets, cabinets, and walls to contain damage and abate mold spread and growth.

• Secure Affected Area – To prevent mold spores from spreading, the contaminated area is sealed off using plastic sheeting. We then create negative air pressure to direct the mold away from indoor space.

• Dispose of Affected Components and Materials – Some materials will need to be disposed of: ceiling tiles, insulation; wall boards; carpet; soft furnishings, clothes, papers, and books. Non-porous metals, glass, and hard plastics may be cleaned and reused. Depending on the degree of mold damage, semi porous wood may be cleaned up by drying, sanding, and treating an environmentally safe anti-microbial solvent before reusing.

• Heating, Ventilation, and Air Condition System Treatment – Your heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and crawl spaces will be dried, cleaned, and then treated with HEPA filtration to remove the remaining mold particles.

• Whole House Mold Disinfection – To disinfect your home from mold spores, we use negative ions (electrically-charged particles) to remove airborne contaminants.

• Mold Damage Repair and Restoration – Mold Masters has full-time professional mold damage repair and restoration crews available to rebuild, repair, and restore your home from mold damage.

The Best Mold Remediation Services in Knoxville

Mold is what we do. We have mold services from mold inspections to mold mitigation and repair. If you think you may have mold, our mold cleanup company has the best tools and equipment to find out for sure, and if you do have mold, we can handle the mold mitigation with no problem. Stop looking for mold companies near you, you’ve already found the best mold remediation company in Knoxville TN.

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Mold Masters provides a complete range of services to remove, cleanup and repair mold to your home or office. Upon arrival, our certified specialists will work within the environmental company’s mold assessment and protocol set.

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